None of the human body sculptures I create have their eyelids open. This is because, no matter how realistic a sculpture may be, it remains a representation of a lifeless body. Rather than indicating whether it’s alive or dead, I believe that an existence like that of a gasping being or even akin to a zombie is more vivid. When I create human body forms, I always contemplate creating a state of existence beyond the meaning of symbols, or perhaps a state of saturated significance, by blending multiple contradictory meanings. If I were to craft something humanoid, I would seek elements that erase its presence. For to me, the act of sculpting the human body is an exploration of where its boundaries lie.
In the past, I was not skilled at crafting human body sculptures (and I don’t have a conscious sense of mastery now either). Despite majoring in sculpture, I lacked significant interest. The act of extracting only the three-dimensional information from a model in front of me and substituting it with different material felt excessively unique (and the uniqueness of that act still remains). However, as I engaged with the world of human body sculptures, I found myself unconsciously influenced by certain works. Examples include Harutake Funaoshi’s “Original Castle,” Damien Hirst’s creations, and “Kneeling Woman” by Rombouts. There were even more intensely memorable pieces. Bernini’s “Apollo and Daphne,” the abduction of Proserpina, Asuka period’s “Baekje Guanyin,” Unkei’s “Mujaku Bosatsu Standing Statue,” Jūgen’s seated figure, and others. In the presence of sculptures with such overpowering existence, I’ve experienced a sense of spatial distortion, as if the sculpture itself warps the space around it and the center of gravity is drawn toward the sculpture. This is likely because, after all, we are human. Whether I will encounter similarly impactful human body works in the future is uncertain, but I still believe that human body works are an incredibly potent medium. Just the presence of a human body can potentially transcend dimensions, and I find myself hoping for that. Could I someday create a human body with its eyes open?

National Anthem_USA|2022

National Anthem_PRK_KOR|2023

National Anthem_JPN|2021

Mother And Child|2017


Black Modification head_ADAM|2019

Black Modification head_EVE|2019

Ghost Mountain|2015