Statement 2023.1.11




私は自分の年齢がおおよそ5歳と半年に達するまでのあいだ、自分が生まれつき強度の遠視と乱視、ついでに色弱だということを知らずに生きてきた。 それまで見ていた全てのものが朧げで輪郭がなく、私は音や手触り、あるいは雰囲気のようなものを頼りに生活をしていた。 ある日、初めて作ってもらった眼鏡をかけて何てことはないリビングの壁掛け時計を見た時、それまでぼんやりとしていた針や数字が突然ハッキリと見え、輪郭のあるものに変わってしまった。これまで見ていたものや、感じていた感覚とは何だったのだろうか。という世界への眼差しあるいは疑問と同時に、やはりそうだったのか。とどこか腑に落ちる感覚があったのを今でも鮮明に憶えている。ただそのことは私のその後の人生を決定づけてしまったように思える。





Circles and Deviance

Everything in this world has a cycle. And they are always changing.

For example, there is the cycle of the earth’s orbit, or major flows such as the evolution of life, economic flows, flows such as water and air currents, emotional flows, or time flows.
I believe that they can change at any time and that no one really knows at what point in time they will change.

Until I was approximately five and a half years old, I was unaware that I was born with severe farsightedness, astigmatism, and color blindness. Everything I had seen was blurred and without an outline, and I depended on sounds, textures, and atmospheres to make my living. One day, when I put on the glasses I had made for the first time and looked at the wall clock in the living room, the hands and numbers that had been blurred suddenly became clearly visible and had an outline. What were the things I had been seeing and the sensations I had been feeling? I wondered, “What had I been seeing and feeling? I still vividly remember the feeling of being able to understand. I still vividly remember the feeling of being able to understand.
Things can change at any time, and no one knows when or at what time.
I am stuck in a kind of obsession.

What is it to see, what is it to perceive, what is the difference between what we touch and what we see, or what is it to change in general? Where is the boundary line for a thing to continue to be what it is? To find out, I look as closely as possible at the events in front of me. Then I recognize that there is a pattern or cycle. Then I question the cycle and consider deviating from it. By deviating from the cycle, I recognize how the cycle is structured and what is outside and inside the boundaries of the cycle. In other words, to see what “it” is.

I thought at that time. Everything changes. What I believe is never right and can be transformed into something else at any given moment. What if my perspective changed, the world would change.

That one day, one moment, completely and suddenly, everything could change.
I still create my work with this expectation.

Yusuke SUGA